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Epic ride! Thank you to all the volunteers for coming out!
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Volunteer Roles: What to expect
Our heroes (volunteers) are essential to Total 200  being a success! Whether you can volunteer for the entire day or for a few hours it provides a huge help to our riders and organizers and will be fun for you as well. Most volunteers tell us that they come away with a great experience and feel fortunate to be part of such an amazing feat. We want all volunteers to have a great race experience and we do our best to match volunteers to their role of choice. However, due to the needs of the event, we cannot guarantee you’ll get the role you select. Please review the list of roles below to get a sense of duties and responsibilities and then go to the sign up form »
Pre-Race Volunteers: Week prior to the event
  • Goodie Bag Stuffing - Help stuff the athlete goodie bags before the race.
  • Food Shopping – Assist the race organizers in purchasing, transporting, and allocating the food and drinks for our riders.
  • Course Marking - These volunteers are day before and/or day of the event. They assist the race directors in the actual marking of the course, start and finish line and anything related to that part of the event. This is a 4-5 hour commitment as it involves covering the entire course in a vehicle and stopping to mark major turns, etc.
Race Day Volunteers: Various times from 4:30 am - 9:30 pm 
  • Packet Pick-Up & Check In - Volunteers are needed to assist our event staff at registration and check in early morning on race ay. Volunteers will help distribute packets, t-shirts and goodie bags as well as check in riders and conduct body marking of riders with their numbers.
  • Check Point Captain - Leads group of volunteers at the check point and communicates status of riders, supplies, etc with main Volunteer Coordinator. Returns supplies back to the finish or to another check point.  SAG support for riders if needed. 
  • Check Point  Checker – Checks in riders as they arrive and periodically update the total rider status to the Volunteer Coordinator.  Online tool will be made available.
  • Check Point Server - Help serve drinks, food and ice to riders.  Ensures coolers and food items stocked and ready for riders.
  • Check Point Prep/Distribution – Assists in cutting up fruit and assembling sandwiches for the riders.  Ensures food/Hammer Nutrition/water is out and ready for riders.
  • Check Point Floater – Assists in all check point duties, especially the Checker and helps hand out wet sponges to riders.  Also purchases and re-stocks ice and supplies if needed.
  • Finish Line Volunteers - Volunteers will distribute water, medals, and food to riders crossing the finish line as well as checking riders in.
  • Course Volunteers – These volunteers will drive or ride with a driver along the course to help riders with technical issues, directions and provide interim aide, water, and food to riders during the latter stages of the ride.