Buzz about Total 200
Great experience. Glad I finally attempted it even though I didn't finish it. Aid stations were stocked w/ great stuff and broke up the ride nicely. Volunteers went above and beyond. They were amazing.
Sean Ward
Support: We'll help you go the distance

Check Point Crew and Supplies
Volunteers: Please treat them politely! 
Nutrition products
Water / Ice
Fruits (bananas, oranges, grapes, etc)
Snacks, cookies, chips, etc
Lunch stop will also have sandwiches, chips and drinks.
Cue sheets in case you need another one.

Special Needs Bags
For those doing the 200 mile ride, if you have special diet needs we will transport your food to the lunch stop (half way point). Please note that it will not be refridgerated and we will not be transporting any items back to the finish line.

SAG Pick-up
This is a double century  ride and we ask that everyone whom signs up expects to ride the full 200 miles/kilometers. However there will be support vehicles on course for riders in emergency situations and can’t meet the cutoff times and/or need assistance.

Post Ride Celebration
You are invited to celebrate post ride with all your new found friends. Festivities will be held at the finish line. All are welcome, and you can purchase a meal ticket for your guests for $10 each (participants eat for free).